Mission Statement

Continue our tradition and mission to manufacture internal grinding machines in any age, any country, with basic principle of high-precision and reliability, with a pair of manufacturing hands for our elderly and younger generations.

CEO Message

On March 23, 2020, IRINOKIKO Co., Ltd. took over all the business of Yamada Koki Co., Ltd., which supported Japanese manufacturing, and founded 70 years ago, and accumulated more than 3,000 units of internal grinding machines. We have inherited the history and skills of the manufacturer. We will respect and maintain the basic design of the highly accurate and durable general purpose internal grinding machine built by Yamada Koki, and will pursue further quality improvement.

Nowadays, due to the declining birthrate and aging population of Japan, it is becoming an important issue to pass on the technology that is the basis of Japan’s manufacturing industry. We actively recruit local young people and international students who are interested in manufacturing. In addition, we are working to pass on the skills and know-how of skilled workers to the next generation by providing direct guidance from skilled workers to young people, visualizing knowledge at general meetings and sharing information.

As a person involved in manufacturing, we try to have a solid heart axis and an axis of thought, such as a “steady axis”. In any situation, we are promoting human resource development by valuing the image of a supple, strong, and non-shaking axis in actions and efforts to solve problems. And we will continue to make the required internal grinding machines in any era and any country.

We believe that Japan in the future will have to deal with situations that are different from the conventional ones, and as a machine tool manufacturer, we will also need to make appropriate judgments and take flexible actions. With everyone who has been using Yamada Koki’s internal grinders for many years, and with new customers who meet demands for precision machining, we will do our best to overcome the situation of this era.

Noriko Irino, President and CEO