Various specifications wheel head and customize tools for different high precision requirements, along with high accuracy, efficiency and durability

  • Drive unit adopt belt tension automatic adjustment system
  • Produce high accuracy result due to efficient power conduction even though low rotary grinding speed
  • High durability because of reduction of impractical load

Wheel Head

Greece Lubrication Type
TypeMaximum Rotation Number
SH-GQ040,000 r.p.m.
SH-GQ130,000 r.p.m.
SH-GQ218,000 r.p.m.
SH-GQ315,000 r.p.m.
SH-GQ410,000 r.p.m.
Large diameter flange
F3-85×2005,000 r.p.m.

Wheel Head Selection List

How To Check

  • Check material diameter in lowest point.
  • The optimum grinding wheel diameter that goes upward from there and crosses the abscissa of the wheel head diameter. Use the diagonal wheel head model which crossed vertically.
  • The Y-axis coordinate with intersection which indicate the rotation speed of wheel head. In addition, optional setting rotation can change up to red character model.
  • Suitable speed is 20m/s to 30m/s.

We can provide flange type wheel head for large diameter material. Please feel free to contact us for high speed wheel head with oil mist unit.

Special Tools


Hydraulic operation three-claw chuckH01MA-6、H01MA-8
Scroll chuck powerful typeJN06T、JN07T、JN09T