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Why Us?

Internal Grinding Machine (Semi-Automated or Automated Models) with 70 years of history.

IRINOKIKO Co., Ltd. is set up in 2020 to continue the internal grinding machine tool business of Yamada Koki Co., Ltd., which produce super high precision (0.3-0.4 μm) YAMADA internal grinding machines since 1949. Our popular models, which include both semi-automated and automated, are YIG-20-MSA, YIG-20-M and YIG-15-SA.

We have supported Japan manufacturing industry with our ultra-precision Internal Grinding Machines, and our vision has remained the same for the past 70 years. In the world of automation today, we believed in bringing this traditional, but important element of ultra-level precision to meet the diverse needs of the changing market. Our products have incorporated the 2 features – Semi-Automated and Automated internal grinding capabilities so as to maintain the precision.

We have expanded our base globally. Together with staff from Yamada Koki Co., Ltd, and new professionals who are English conversant, we will continue to provide the same or improved level of sales and engineering support to our valued customers, both new and existing.

For our customers, we have added on many value-added services, which includes on-demand service packages, sales of expandable tools, and sustainable maintenance and refurbishment packages, so that we can cater to today’s market demand – a sharing economy with lesser investment in heavy machinery OR protecting your machines by refurbishment and maintenance. Contact us today.

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